Day 1 (Like, Again): Revolving Around Family Issues, Getting Nerdy While Bulking, and Waking Up From the Matrix…And I’m Still Stacking Up Weight!

I’m back in this…again…but more chaos is still following me like the Scarlet Witch in an alternate universe

Family Issues

The family is still grieving and it is making some of my family on edge…which is putting me in the midst of things while I was getting myself figured out in Atlanta.


My coach is pointing out how I tend to underprepare to eat..something I’ve noted about myself..but never really acted on.

Enter Igloo cooler, shaker bottle, a giant water bottle, and feeding times

I’m looking for a gym so I have a bodyweight workout for now.

The Matrix

I watched “Matrix: Resurrections” while also reading “Unscripted”, which is putting my mind in an even more radical place than before.

I’m starting to see how all of my decisions were really part of a script that I am “accepting”. That “script” is what drew me to a 4 year college. That same “script” made me believe that I was a “failure”.

At the same time, another “script” led me to believe that I could not bulk, that eating healthy foods was too expensive so I could only eat crappy and processed food.

That “script” and more is what I am unraveling…and trying to remake into a new “me”

First Workout: 50 minutes shadowboxing

Second Workout: Walk 45 minutes (with breaks)

Progress picture: Below

10 pages of reading: “Unscripted” by MJ Marco

Gallon of Water: Done

Diet: Not completely nailed down, but the goal was as clean as bulk as possible. I settled on the diet plan of nearly 4,000 calories from Training for Warriors

Day 2 of 30: OK, I failed again…figuring out lactose, I drunk tequila, and I need an icebox to carry 1 pound chicken now (#75Hard)


Alright, so me and the coach were discussing lactose this morning, because milk is an excellent way to gain muscle mass and weight…but horrible if you have a leaky gut.

I’m either getting Lactaid or A2milk….I have not officially decided yet.


So Tequila happened….


On another note, I never really quite know what to prep when I go out and not nearby a fridge or stove or hot plate

The coach’s answer? Bring an Ice cooler with chicken in it.

First Workout: 45 minutes shadowboxing (Punchlab), Tai Chi & Active rest

Second Lesson: Walk

Diet: Breakfast-2 eggs, 2 egg whites, 1 cup of greens, 2 Packets of Kodiak Oatmeal

Snack-Protein bar, 2 peanut butter sandwiches (Coach told me I could improve this “rabbit food”)

Extra-Vegan cheesesteaks

Lunch-Chicken breast strips (whole pack), 1 serving yams, 2 servings bowl rice

Snack-Leftover salmon (Little over 1 handful) with rice

Dinner-Other chicken breast strips, 1 serving yams, 2 bowls of brown rice

Progress Picture: Below

10 Pages of Reading: Finished Millionaire Fastlane

Gallon of Water: Done

Day 1 of 30: I’m Back…..With a Boxing Coach & Personal Trainer to Match (#75Hard)

So…I’m back….after my Mom passed, a move to Atlanta, and going through recruiters, MS relapses, and more…..

This time, however…….I went to a boxing gym (I still shadowbox) and inspired the owner of the free event that he decided to write a story on me and invite me to the next free event.

I also met a personal trainer on Twitter (@CoachCalande) who offered to give personal training advice (nutrition and exercise)…even after I shared that i had Progressive MS but still wanted to gain mass.

I am also working again…still doing freelance here and there.

So after a horrendous yesterday after I had a mild panic attack at a job fair I shouldn’t have went to (it was a factory job…and I had progressive MS)…and I came home and stress ate a bag of popcorn and went to sleep for like 10 hours….

I’m back

First Workout: 45 minutes shadowboxing (Punchlab)-Basics of Straight Punches-15 minutes, Hooks Lesson (15 minutes), Uppercut Lesson (15 minutes)

Second Lesson: Walk

Diet: Breakfast-4 hardboild eggs, 1 cup of greens, 2 cups of oatmeal packets

Lunch-Salmon filet, broccoli florets, and 2 cups of brown rice

Dinner-Salmon, Pasta, Brown Rice-2 cups & banana

Snack: Protein bars (2), Impromptu shake with A2 milk, collagen protein, and peanut butter

Progress Picture: Below

10 Pages of Reading: Millionaire Fastlane…which has really revolutionized my thinking

Gallon of Water: Done

Day 4 (#75Hard): The Hardest Day of My Life…My Mother’s Death

I do not have a lot of words today….My mother passed away today

I am numb and feeling out of body, but I finished today

75 Hard

First workout: 25 minutes stretch/20 minute shadowboxing/No calisthenics

Second workout: 45 minute walk (done at 5pm, My mother passed away an hour later)

Progress picture: Done

10 pages of reading: Done

Gallon of water: Done

Diet: Done

No cheat meals: Done

5 minutes cold shower: Done

8 Critical power list: Completed

Conversation with a stranger: Done, talked with someone during my walk

Random act of kindess: I stayed with my mother in her final hour on this Earth

Day 3 (#75 Hard): Learning to DiSSS..and Getting Proactive with Random Act of Kindness

This round of 75 Hard session I’ve been reflecting and questioning the beliefs that got me here.

Today, I happened across Tim Ferriss and his discussion of how to break down a skill so you can actually master it.

I haven’t done this with cooking (which I definitely need to master, if I want to continue getting big) or any major goal I have attempted.

I’m starting to see how truly powerful simple questions like “What do I want?” and “What skills do I need to get what I want?” are …and realizing how powerful answering those questions can be in building the life that you want.

Other than that, I just continued to serve as caretaker for my mother as she is getting better.

75 Hard Stats

First Workout: 20 Minute Stretch & Warmup/20 Minute Shadowboxing/30 minute bodyweight workout

Second Workout: Walk (which was needed)

Progress Pic: Done

10 Pages of Reading: Finished “Moonwalking With Einstein”. Started “Mind Map Book” by Tony Buzan

1 Gallon of Water: Done

Diet: Waterjug Fitness

No Cheat Meals/Alcohol: Done

5 Minute Cold Shower: Done

8 Power List Tasks: Done

Conversation With a Stranger: Done

Random Act of Kindness: Found a list for Random Act of Kindness so I can proactively plan for Random Act of Kindness

Day 2 of 30: Continuing (#75Hard)…And Realizing That Celebrity Diets are BS

Slowly getting back into the swing of things.

I also came across a YouTube video that had me rethink my naive approach to fitness.

Like a lot of guys, I wanted to be big & strong. Like a nerd, I want to be superhero strong. Like a Millennial, I looked to the Internet for guidance on how to be superhero strong.

But I never really realized how much of the advice is really “I just ate a lot of chicken/broccoli/etc. and trained a lot.”

While this might be partly true, the above video made me start to question that advice on a deeper level. Like the video pointed out, these celebrities have access to high-priced trainers, celebrity chefs, and don’t have to worry about paying bills, doing errands, etc….

But at the same time, these celebrities achieve astounding bodies in seemingly months…without getting seriously injured…all while being under the pressure to not mess up the millions of dollars that have been invested in them.

The video suggested that some of those celebrities might consider taking steroids to reach their goal

Now, I can’t even begin to make that claim (though it does make me wonder)…but I was more concerned about the aftereffect of all of this.

I don’t know how many times I’ve looked up like “How to look like Kilmonger” plan or “How to look like Wolverine” diet and hurried to follow the diet as best as could.

But, looking back, I see how the advice was pretty similar: High protein and low fat then lift heavy

The magazines then take this advice and run with it.

Whie there’s no problem with a high protein, low fat diet, I’m started to see that the “fitness advice” only tells part of the story.

Yes, a celebrity might “eat Paleo” but it’s not the same kind of “Paleo” that an average person might be able to follow…or achieve that superhero body in such quick time.

So, what am I ranting about?

Basically the realization that you should not jump to a diet just because a celebrity claimed they used it to get a 6 pack in 5 months

You should not expect to look like a superhero after 5 months of a celebrity workout. It’s possible, but there’s a lot more going on in the background that they aren’t telling you.

Am I saying that it’s not possible to achieve a celebrity body? No….but don’t hold your breath either

75 Hard Stats

First Workout: 20 minute stretch/20 minute “300 Workout”/30 minute Shadowboxing

Second Workout: 45 Minute Walk

Progress Picture: Done

10 Pages of Reading: Still finishing up “Moonwalking with Einstein”. I’m supposed to be finished with this because I’m trying to do a book a week, but I digress…

1 Gallon of Water: Done

Diet: Water Jug Fitness

No Cheat Meals or Alcohol: Done

5 Minute Cold Shower: Done

8 Critical Power List Tasks: Done

Conversation With a Stranger: Talked about the recession

Random Act of Kindness: Bought something special for Mom

Day 1 of 30: I’m Back…? (#75Hard)

Round 3 opened back up in 75 Hard…

A lot has happened in the last 30 days. Today was the most chaotic start day to a 75 Hard ever. My mother was sick, my family was in drama, and my schedule was thrown off several times, but I recovered.

First workout: 30 minute shadowboxing session/ 20 min bodyweight workout/20 minute stretch

Second workout: 45 minute walk (breaks were taken)

Progress picture: Taken & actually posted in a 75 Hard Discord group. I’ve lost weight not eating on a plan

10 pages of reading: “Moonwalking with Einstein”

Gallon of water: Done

No cheat meals or alcohol: Done

8 Power List Critical Tasks: Done

Conversation with a stranger: Discussed beds of all things

Diet: Water Jug Fitness

No cheat meals or alcohol: Done

5 minute cold shower: Done

Random act of kindness: Done

Day 3 #75Hard Break: Why You Gotta Set (and Keep) Standards in Every Part of Your LIfe

Today was a crazy day…..I got caught up watching some old “Yo Elliott” videos, added some bioenergetic exercises to my routine, got some books, and then I heard a statement on Motiversity (YouTube) that got my attention: You have to set a standard of excellence in every area of your life.

The video went on to explain what the speaker meant. It wasn’t just about getting a Like on Twitter because you did 100 pushups or getting a Thumbs Up on Facebook because you flashed some money in a post.

This was about daily excellence in the small things like getting A’s on a report card and not accepting anything less, about dressing your best every day, about doing your best on a job everyday, building the best business possible everyday.

It also talked about how our society promotes without asking for excellence. Most of us, whether we get the best grade or not, are usually automatically promoted. For many jobs, we are automatically promoted if we don’t do something too horrible to screw up.

As a result, we expect promotion without the pain or the work.

Thinking back to my own life, I started to see the pattern where I was really good at planning goals, but not so good at execution at the major things in life.

I planned to eat like a competitive bodybuilder, but didn’t excute consistently because I just somehow, I just assumed the money would pop up “one day”.

I planned a career in nonprofit administration, but didn’t execute consistently when obstacles (like running out of financial aid) got in the way because I just assumed everything would just work out “one day” when I got the admission letter to college.

That wishful “one day” never came…and I was stuck in the same place (or a worse) place

I did not set a standard of excellence in the things that really counted. I was not intentional and deliberate about the things that I should have been.

As a result, I failed to build the life that really mattered.

The lesson I should’ve realized is that…What you fail to do in one part of your life (like overeatingjunk food because you lack food discipline) carries over into how you act in another (overspending because you lack financial discipline). It doesn’t always translate (I know some people who eat junk food but have financial discipline), but it does leave a mark.

So, I sat down to write my standards in 13 areas to build the life vision I wrote in my LifeBook.

Let’s build (and keep) some standards

75 Hard “on Break” Stats

  1. Exercise:

Round 1-2 sessions of 20 minutes “Shaolin Workout” Stetches/Balance + Pushups

Round 2-None.

2. Diet: Set new standard because I somehow made the commitment to be the first Black bodybuilder I know with Progressive MS. The first part of the day was crap. The rest of

3. Progress Picture: Done

4. Gallon of Plain Water: Nope, but close.

5. 10 Pages of Nonfiction Page 160 “Never Split the Difference“.

6. Power List-Partly done…then I watched motivation videos and Elliott Hulse…then I planned my standards.

7. 60 minutes minutes active visualization/meditation-Priming done (15 minutes). Morning Six-Phase Meditation only

8. 5 min cold shower Not Done


Day 1: #BabyEntrepreneur Steps-Going Back to School & Nailing Down a Business Idea…That Kept Me Up Past My Bedtime

#BabyEntrepreneur Step 1: Enroll in a dual online business and computer program to maximize all of the business and tech stuff I’ve learned since not graduating with a Bachelor’s (This should’ve been the degree I went after 18.)

As a college dropout, I had a strong love-hate relationship with college.

After all of my unsuccessful steps to finish my degree, I gave up. I told myself that college was the “enemy” that cheated me and left me with all of this debt. I turned on college and decided I would hack learning myself…and I did. I taught myself insurance (got licensed) and Tier 2 tech support fundamentals (certified) and web design (certificate) lots of random stuff about a lot through Twitter, blogs, books, Udemy courses and more. I thought I was OK.

And then I heard Eric Thomas’ story of how his mother was SO hurt that he couldn’t go to high school graduation….that he went and got a PhD.

And I asked myself, is there more education left in me?

Now, it is true that the college system is expensive for no reason, uses some outdated methods, and doesn’t necessarily lead to a job or anything .(despite the college brochure)

But, there is something about having a defined path, about accountability, and feedback that I was looking for. I could hack computer knowledge through bootcamps, self study, or books, etc…but I was tired of the “lone wolf” mindset with education.

At the same time, I do not have the money or even the luxury of time to go back to school the traditional way. I have no idea what MS is going to do, so I’m on a deadline…because I may not be able to walk, I may not be able to type as fast as I do, or I might have speaking problems, or who knows what else.

The point is, I don’t have time.

So, I decided to go after something unique (a dual Associates degree in Business and Computer) and then a certificate through the Harvard Business School. After that, I’m going for a bigger goal, the CTO program.

That’s as far as I thought. The mindset was to be intentional and deliberate and choose something challening that will combine all of the tech stuff I learned along with the marketing and business stuff I learned over the past 10 years.

Enrollment starts March 17th. I have already got the syllabi for both courses and started before the class officially started.

Completed: Only did 15 minutes for each course but read syllabi for both courses and completed first 10 pages of business and computer science (Think Python)

#BabyEntrepreneur Step : Spend time brainstorming refined business ideas

This took a little while, over 3 hours because this time when I was planning I had a little more intentional and deliberate. I thought about how much it would actually cost me to run this now, what I would need if I were running this business now, and visualize myself as already having it.

It was then I realized that it can be so easy to caught up in the “idea” of a business…but the execution is a whole ‘nother thing entirely

The idea is that I need specific ideas to even think about what to think about. I’m trying to avoid analysis paralysis but not chase a dumb idea with no basis in a possibility.

Completed: Doubled down on virtual call center idea with Arise and virtual POD business with Printify & Etsy (or Shopify).

Day 2 #75Hard Break: How Grocery Shopping & Denzel Washington Taught Me About Intentional & Deliberate

I have been listening to Motiversity for the last past 3 days, from the time I get up until I go to bed in the background.

It’s been powerful as I listen to Jocko, Eric Thomas, Andy Frisella, William Hollis, and more…

And then I went grocery shopping. I had a grocery list ready. I had my budget ready….and I came home and only got some of the things that were on the list.

It wasn’t that the store was out of the items. I wemt to Walmart and I’m really sure the items were there.

It was the fact that, despite having a well-thought out and planned shopping list, my brain was still on following routine. i picked up the items that were within easy reach and didn’t go to other aisles to get what I actually needed.

I was intentional and deliberate all the way up to Walmart and then I let my mind default to autopilot.

The next day I heard a video with Denzel Washington. He was talking about being “intentional and deliberate” in your actions and I started thinking about the small things I do (or did).

Eating: Before 75 Hard, my conversations about food were like-

“What are I am going to eat? I don’t know. Do I have any snacks yet?”

Time Management: Before 75 Hard, I planned my day ahead of time and then did absolutely nothing on my list because I started on one Google search and ended up with 25 tabs. My conversation was “I’ll get back to what I was doing, just let me finish this.”

And on and on…

And I started to realize that despite being a planner, I was neither intentional or deliberate about many things in my life, from what I should to eat to when I should I eat or even why I was eating what I was eating.

I did the same thing with my career, and almost every other small thing in my life.

This is part of the reason I did not build the life I truly wanted. I had planned for it, but was not intentional and deliberate about where I was going consistently.

75 Hard “on Break” Stats

  1. Exercise:

Round 1-2 sessions of 20 minutes “Shaolin Workout” Stetches/Balance + Calisthenics (Convict Conditioning-wall pushups, pushups, shoulder stand, knee to elbow + Punchlab -Shadowboxing (15 minutes) +4 minute “Peaceful Warrior” Warmup + 2x 3 set of 10 reps leg raises and calf raises (MS Knee Raise Challenge).

Round 2-2=20 minutes trampoline + 25 minute walk

2. Diet: Mostly followed. Had Cheez-it.

3. Progress Picture: Done

4. Gallon of Plain Water: Nope, but close.

5. 10 Pages of Nonfiction Page 140 “Never Split the Difference“.

6. Power List-Getting more refined.

7. 60 minutes minutes active visualization/meditation-Priming done (15 minutes). Morning/evening (planned) session of 6-Phase Meditation(40 minutes). + Box Breathing (5 minutes)

8. 5 min cold shower Not Done


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