Day 29 of 30 Days Plank: Final Workout Day Before 5 Minute Plank is Attempted

The last few days have ben rough with physical pain, mental anguish, exhaustion, etc. It’s not my normal “burnout” from doing all kinds of stuff, but more of a physical exhaustion driven possibly by nerve damage.

Because of that, I’m getting my insurance (and my mind) in line for a diagnosis.

But beyond all of that, planks are still here.

I’ve still find a way to sneak this workout in, even if other things hurt and I’m tired most of the day. The workouts reached a max of 180 seconds and have been going down and back up to 150 seconds

On Monday, I’ll be attempting a 5-minute plank. If I make it, challenge complete. If not, I’ll continue with the app until I reach my goal.

I am giving myself 3 tries for the 5-minute plank unless I can’t go any further.

Today’s workout


Days 70 of 75 in #75Hard Challenge: Hit the final hurdle, I’m Going to Leave Poached Eggs to the Professionals, Plus Prioties(5 Days to Go)

After all kinds of ups and downs, I’m about to hit the finishline on a challenge, I failed 3 times before…..

To change up my normally boiled egg routine, I decided to try to make poached eggs again…

Yeah,I should leave that to the professionals…but I can make deviled eggs!

But anyway, I’m also focusing on something else Andy Frisella talked about…A Power List, which is a list of the 5 most critical tasks that must get completed each day..

As anyone who has seen my blog or social media for 45 seconds can see, I do a lot. I think a lot. I write a lot.

Which is good because it keeps me productive and creative, etc…but there’s a downside

Actually, two downsides (burnout and distraction)

So, I’ve been playing with the idea of Andy Frisella’s Power List.

I haven’t been pushing it hard (Under Andy’s plan you would cross out each day or you get an “L” for the day if you don’t complete at least 3 of the 5 tasks, I believe)

I’ve just been practicing writing down what my 5 Critical Tasks are and added them to my schedule. I’ve noticed with just naming those tasks, I am able to stay on track with all my tasks.

No Alcohol/Cheat Meals-Done

Yoga/ Cardio: I did 45 minutes walking outside after work because I didn’t have time before.

I’m about to hit 600 minutes on yoga. My body is slowly adapting to the yoga pose so I’ve been taking on more of the workout…doing some Crow poses and Plank/Downward Dog Vinyasa flows in this workout.

I can’t do the full workout like a pro yet..but I’m improving.

I also incorporated my first bodyweight exercise in a while (dips).

Water: I forgot the Nalgene bottle until after work, but I bought 20 ounce water bottles.

Progress Picture: Shaving is on the Power List.

Book: I switched over to the ebook version “What Would the Rockefellers Do?” and read up to 10% (which was over 10 pages)

Day 2 of 100 Days of Code: Headline with H2

Today was simple, but I”ve been here before…and usually got confused or bored later. As a content marketer, I’m already familiar with H1 and H2, but being reminded of this in web development helped me see how all of this online stuff ties together

We’ll see how it goes

Today was old territory: Headline with the h2 Element

Days 69 of 75 in #75Hard Challenge: 500+ Minutes of Yoga…and…There’s a Break After This (6 Days to Go)

So, as I near the end of this 75 Hard challenge, I’ve already started looking into the next phase to continue developing.

And I learned that the program has a 30-day break built into it.

So, next week I’m supposed to reflect..and then I’m on break for 30 days.

After some thought, I get it…Andy Frisella is giving us a break…but also a chance to prove how committed we are and how much of the lifestyle we have adopted into our lives.

So, for now…when I make it to that 75 Hard milestone, I’ll continue my new way of eating and yoga, but I won’t be stressing the water until the Phase 2 of the challenge officially begins.

No Alcohol/Cheat Meals-Done

Yoga/ Cardio: I did 45 minutes walking outside…and 2 yoga workouts.

I did over 500 minutes of yoga workout!

Note: I don’t move as fluid as the dude in this screenshot.

Water: I’ve switched over to a 32-ounce Nalgene bottle, which is a little easier than my schedule of 2 waters every meal.

I just fill up the Nalgene bottle and fill up 4 times.

Progress Picture: I need to shave again. Why does hair grow back on a balding head?

Book: Up to page 140 in “Killing Sacred Cows“.

Book: Finishing I read the first 10 pages “What Would the Rockefellers Do?” and it really got me thinking: Who am I chasing money for? Besides my own survival and self interest, who will my money decisions impact when I’m no longer here?

Day 1 of 100 Days of Code (I’m Back for Like the 25th Time)

Hey, coding…I’m back

So, I’m a techie at heart (or at least by interest). I’m the “computer guy” in my family and have always gravitated to tech support as a job…which is why I’ve been consistenly trying (although I’m failing horribly at it) to complete projects.

I’m ready to get more advanced as a tech nerd, but I can’t seem to find the time or even the dedication to do it. I can do all kinds of fitness challenges, but ask me to code beyond 5 days and I screw up.

So, I’m going to do something different. I’m going back to coding…specifically Free Code Camp.

But, instead doing an hour of code or a chapter in a book or whatever I use to do. I’m going to do one simple thing, one page in Free Code Camp.

That’s right…One page. Nothing more (unless I get really into it) or less.

Let’s see if I can do this…..for at least 100 days (or as close as I can get to it)

I’ve learned that when you just can’t do something (but want to), start with the smallest milestone that will still move you closer to your goal.

This would be it

Today was old territory: Say Hello to HTML Elements

Days 68 of 75 in #75Hard Challenge: Doubling Down on Nutrition(1 Week to Go)

As I move closer to the end of this challenge, I am getting more focused on my nutrition, not “diet”, not “eating plan”, but nutrition. I had always tried to “eat right” but it was always in imitation of others because I realize there was no actual script for “nutrition” for me growing up.

My mother gave us whatever she could afford and what she thought was appropriate based on her belief of “3 square meals a day” , her Southern background, and the Food Pyramid.

I ate based on what I learned in school, and what I read online (often “how to stop being skinny”) and in books.

I did not pay attention to how my body reacted.

I didn’t worry about nutrients, vitamins, minerals. I paid lip service to them, but I ate a highly (and I mean highly) processed diet of sugary snacks, soda, Cheetos, Pringles, and pizza.

I think my current health troubles are tied to eating that way for so long. I’ll be getting further confirmation from a doctor (hopefully) shortly about this…but deep down, I feel that the way I ate has stretched my body to the max.

The 75 Hard Challenge made me realize this.

When it forced me to not eat the way I’ve been eating for almost 3 decades, I started to see how little “actual” food I was eating. I began to see that I didn’t actually cook food or appreciate food. This was hell for the first days of the challenge because I didn’t even know what to eat or how to eat, to be honest

That has begun my current transition to creating a steady schedule. My goal is to stick to this weekly schedule so I’m not scrambling to get meals…but I also want to spend a little time learning how to cook new things also once I get the schedule down.

No Alcohol/Cheat Meals-Done

Yoga/ Cardio: I did over 2.27 miles walking today (Over 2 hours total) and no yoga.

Water: This part was easy, but drinking water was getting boring.

Progress Picture: I’m able to eat more…so slowly getting back to bulking

Book: Up to page 140 in “Killing Sacred Cows“.

Book: Finishing “Killing Sacred Cows” and loved it. Next book will be “What Would the Rockefellers Do?”

Days 62-67 of 75 in #75Hard Challenge: How I Survived the #75Hard Challenge Despite Ongoing Nerve Pain(8 Days to Go)

So, you know those inspirational “I’m gonna conquer my chronic pain.” commericals….They’re full of crap.

But, the 75 Hard Challenge does not care. As long as you are not dead, or in immediate danger of dying, you’ve got to make a way to complete or you start back over.

So here’s what I did for the days I didn’t post because I was too tired to write

No Alcohol/Cheat Meals-I am trying to adapt even better because although I’m not doing cheat meals. My schedule is still hectic with trying to prep all of these meals….and picking meals is still a mess because I’m transitioning from what I thought was health (“Standard American Diet” plus whatever celebrities said they were eating”) to Paleo/Keto on a budget. It’s a challenge

Yoga/ Cardio: I did do my full yoga workouts until just today (Day 67). Previously, I did 45 minutes of yoga for my inside workout and 45 minutes of walking for my outside workout.

When my back pain was at its highest, I did 45 minutes of walking which was really 15 minutes following by sitting on a bench for 30 minutes and then starting over. For the yoga workouts, I maintained the 45 minute schedule, but I only did what I could in the workout that wouldn’t cause any more pain.

Water: This part was easy, but drinking water was getting boring.

Progress Picture: I took personal pictures in the app. Here’s my most recent

Book: Up to page 140 in “Killing Sacred Cows“.

Day 23 of 30 Days Plank: One Week Left & I’m Recovering…3 Minutes & 20 Seconds, Baby

So, I’m recovering…again

Things have changed a little. I still have chronic pain, but I took a stronger medicine and just a lot more rest.

I’m still able to plank though….Up to 3 minutes and 20 seconds. The goal is to get as close to 5 minutes as possible…so in a week, I’ll see if I get there.

After that, I’ll just keep focusing on the yoga…for now


Day 21 of 30 Days Plank: Picking Up the Pieces..and a 3-minute Plank

The last few days have not been good.

I’ve had excruiating back and joint pain along with extreme tiredeness (doctor’s appointment scheduled).

It got to the point where I cancelled all other workouts, but 75 Hard and even that workout took like over 2 hours (Normally, 45 minutes).

I am slowly getting back together but also humbled and wiser. Although I’ve been eating “healthier”, I am still cramming meals and not really paying attention to how my body responds to the “healthy” food I’m eating.

In short, I need to work with my body, not against by trying to fit some Internet diet and ignoring what my body was telling me.

I also still need to learn how to cook…but I’m slowly learning.


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