Day 52 of 75 in #75Hard Challenge: So…I’m recovering…trying new recipes…and forgot to get screenshots

So…I am recovering..I am slowing getting back into the groove of exercise and

I have never eaten and drunk so much in my life…I mean I wanted to because I’m trying to bulk….but it’s a lot.

Other than that, I ended up in a rabbit hole of crypto, blockchain, and cannabis, so there’s that….

Meat- Eggs, Tuna Fish (Tuna Fish Patties and Easy Canned Tuna Pasta)

Vegetables Canned okra, tomatoes & corn, Canned Green Beans, Frozen Peas (I only like crisp, not mushy)

Carbs-Apple, Orange, Pasta


No Alcohol/Cheat Meals-Done


Workout A: I didn’t do much because I was testing out what I could do:

20 minutes

2X Russian Twists

2 X Bench Dip

10 minute rest

Guess who didn’t record the Strong workout in this app…this guy


Guess who didn’t record the morning cardio in this app…this guy…again

Workout B:

Water: Done…and scooting off to the bathroom through breaks when I’m off the phone

Progress Picture: I should be shaving my head over the weekend. Progress photos will be soon posted here.

Also included 5 minutes box breathing + 70 Knee Pushups + 200 Heel Taps + 200 Lunges

Book: Page 40 “Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich

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Almost-graduated turned freelance who survived almost 2 years of retail (until the coronavirus quarantine) who morphed into a 9-year experienced copywriter, content marketer, and content strategist

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