Day 53 of 75 in #75Hard Challenge: So…I’m chugging water a lot faster now…

So drinking water a lot means you started chugging a whole lot faster…I just learned that!

Meat- Eggs, Chicken Salad, Leftover Easy Canned Tuna Pasta

Vegetables Vegetable Soup, Canned Green Beans, Frozen Peas (I only like crisp, not mushy)

Carbs-Apple, Orange, Pasta ( I want to attempt Paleo Tortialla Chips)


No Alcohol/Cheat Meals-Done




Water: Done…and scooting off to the bathroom through breaks when I’m off the phone

Progress Picture: I should be shaving my head over the weekend. Progress photos will be soon posted here.

Also included 5 minutes box breathing + 22 Knee Pushups + 25 Regular Pushups, Etc.

Book: Page 100 “Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich

Published by ctfranklin28

Almost-graduated turned freelance who survived almost 2 years of retail (until the coronavirus quarantine) who morphed into a 9-year experienced copywriter, content marketer, and content strategist

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